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Laser genesis takes just 30 minutes to improve your complexion. Located in Santa Clara, California, Nür Aesthetics Club offers laser genesis. The procedure stimulates collagen growth while constricting superficial blood vessels that cause ongoing skin redness. To explore the procedure’s numerous benefits, call Nür Aesthetics Club or book a consultation online today.

Laser Genesis Q & A

What is laser genesis?

Laser genesis is a skin gentle and noninvasive resurfacing and revitalization procedure. Nür Aesthetics Club offers laser genesis using a nonablative vascular ND:YAG laser, which heats your skin and causes a smoothing and firming effect. 

The treatment works in a few ways. One key effect of laser genesis is that it causes the constriction of superficial blood vessels in targeted areas. That greatly reduces redness and can cause broken vessels and spider veins to disappear. 

Additionally, laser genesis treatments make your skin stronger and firmer. Unlike comparable treatments, laser genesis results in skin improvements that are both superficial and deep.

What are the benefits of laser genesis?

One of the major benefits of laser genesis is that it promotes collagen growth. Collagen growth is vital to your skin’s integrity because collagen is a structural protein that makes your skin firm and strong. You don’t have as much of it as you age, which is a primary cause of wrinkling, sagging, and other physical signs of aging. 

Due to the surface effects of laser genesis and its deep collagen growth stimulation, the treatment minimizes:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Sunspots and discoloration
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Redness and rosacea
  • Broken blood vessels

For the best results, your provider at Nür Aesthetics Club might tell you to come in for regular laser genesis treatments. You might need an initial series of treatments spaced a few weeks apart before you can switch to yearly maintenance visits. 

What should I expect while getting laser genesis?

Your laser genesis procedure at Nür Aesthetics Club takes less than 30 minutes. In preparation, you’ll receive a pair of protective goggles or glasses to place over your eyes. Typically, the laser device does not cause any pain or discomfort as it passes over your skin, so anesthesia or numbing cream is not necessary.

Most individuals report that laser genesis is a comfortable and soothing experience. It feels like warm sunlight on your skin and does not cause any burning or overheating. 

Once your procedure is complete, you can leave the office right away and go back home or to work. You might experience some mild redness, but it should go away without intervention. 

Laser genesis gently renews your skin beyond your expectations. To schedule a laser genesis consultation, call Nür Aesthetics Club or book online today.