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TruSculpt® iD offers fat removal without surgery by teaming with your lymphatic system to reduce the size of targeted bulges. At Nür Aesthetics Club in San Jose, California, Jessica Grillo, NP, performs TruSculpt iD treatments for the abdomen, love handles, thighs, and other areas that tend to hold hard-to-lose fat. Book your consultation for TruSculpt iD body contouring over the phone or online today.

TruSculpt Q & A

What is TruSculpt® iD?

TruSculpt iD is a radiofrequency lipolysis procedure, meaning it eliminates fat cells by disrupting them with radiofrequency energy. The procedure involves no punctures or incisions as the energy safely passes through your skin to reach the subdermal fat below. 

Nür Aesthetics Club typically recommends targeting areas of fat that have resisted your efforts of fat loss through diet and exercise. The radiofrequency from the device heats the fat cells until they can’t hold volume, at which point your body flushes them out naturally through your lymphatic system. Each area you target requires no more than 15 minutes of heating.

Does TruSculpt iD require downtime?

Immediately after your procedure at Nür Aesthetics Club, you can go home without worrying about any aftercare. You don’t need to restrict your activities or rest, so taking the day off from all other responsibilities is optional.

When will I see results from TruSculpt iD?

It takes some time for your lymphatic system to effectively remove all of the damaged fat cells from the area or areas you treated with TruSculpt iD. Around six weeks after your initial treatment, you’ll start to see some of the effects. However, it takes around 12 weeks to enjoy the full effect of your treatment with TruSculpt iD. 

Usually, the specialists at Nür Aesthetics Club recommend getting TruSculpt iD treatments once a week for around four weeks. They’ll tell you the exact number of treatments they recommend after assessing you during a consultation in the office. 

Which areas can I treat with TruSculpt iD?

Your unique body fat distribution might give you an unbalanced or disproportionate silhouette. Fortunately, TruSculpt iD is versatile enough to target any pocket of fat that you choose. The specialists at Nür Aesthetics Club work with you to choose areas you want to treat. Commonly targeted areas are:

  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Chin and neck

TruSculpt iD treatments typically result in around a 24% reduction in targeted fat. The fat cells in the areas eliminated with TruSculpt iD will not return after treatment. However, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle to remain around the same weight to continue enjoying your contoured figure. 

TruSculpt iD is great for individuals who need an extra boost in fat loss after nearing or reaching their ideal weight. To discuss the areas you’d like to treat with a consultation, call Nür Aesthetics Club or schedule an appointment online today.